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What people are saying about working with me

Testimonials from some of the  entrepreneurs, bloggers, and authors that I have worked with through my business mentorship program and consults

"Jean is exactly the person you need to be a cheerleader and uplevel your business.

When stuck in the daily grind and not sure how you'll find the time or resources to accomplish what you want, Jean steps in and releases the overwhelm. She provides honest feedback, and a plan to move forward in alignment with your short and long term goals." 

Lindsay Laughnan,

"As someone who has found such value in Artful Parent resources for many years, I shouldn't have been surprised at the generosity and thoughtfulness Jean showed me and my business goals when we met.

As someone who has found such value in Artful Parent resources for many years, I shouldn't have been surprised at the generosity and thoughtfulness Jean showed me and my business goals when we met. The feedback I received was authentic and pro-active. Jean gave me actionable guidance that I have already put to work! She highlighted strengths and assets that I didn't see; incredible insight from a first-time meeting. I am so excited to work with Jean!"

Harper Marten, Curious Ground

"After interviewing several business coaches, Jean was the only one who understood the creative career and business path.

Her business experience gives her a unique perspective that is insightful, nurturing, encouraging, and process-oriented. I love our meetings and how productive, grounded, and clear I feel after each one. Thank you, Jean!"

Julia Linsteadt, A Farm to Keep

"My consult with Jean was an incredibly helpful experience.

As a seasoned blogger and business owner it's hard to have beneficial conversations, let alone receive spot on advice, but that's just what Jean did. She never lost sight of the bigger picture, but gave me clear actionable steps."

Alisha Grogan, Your Kid's Table

"Meeting with Jean has proved immensely helpful in my ongoing work to start a new business.

Jean's thoughtful demeanor and insightful questions and suggestions have provided reassurance and encouragement along with practical guidance to help me reach beyond where my business would be without her ideas and mentorship."

Sara Lynn, Little Heart Studio LLC

"If you are having difficulty in fine tuning your vision or getting clarity on the focus for your business, Jean Van't Hul can definitely help.

I am grateful that Jean helped to guide me back to my original passion - training. I was on the fence between training consulting and business coaching. So interesting that I have come full circle to training, again! Jean asked the right questions and did not rush me for the answers. I am recharged and focused to share my love of training to others. Thank you Jean!"

Julianne H. Phillips, PhD, Founder and CEO, The JHP Consulting Group, LLC, Detroit, MI

"Jean gave me fresh ideas for my business. When she works with you she really makes an effort to know you and know your work.

I value and appreciate that since all of my business information is in Spanish. Jean is very generous and shares the experiences and expertise that made her business successful." 

Martha Nieto, Art Therapist & Author

"My consultation with Jean was so incredible. She asked me several questions I never thought about, and her suggestions were so helpful.

I thought Jean wouldn't be able to help me that much due to how complex my business looks, but she made it so simple to me. Complex issues became simple and easy to handle. Jean knows how to listen and she is very articulate, her smile is so incredible. We need more of Jean in our World. Thank you very much, Jean!"

Ben Okah, CEO of Poppullar | Sheridan, Wyoming

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